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Iowa Driver’s Manual & Study Guides

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Complete Iowa Driver’s Manual
Cover/Table of Contents/Permanent DL Stations
Section 1 - The Driver’s License
Section 2 - Protecting Your Driving Privileges
Section 3 - Car and Truck Registration and Safety
Section 4 - Traffic Signs and Rules of the Road
Section 5 - Safe Driving Tips
Section 6 - Be in Shape to Drive
Section 7 - Other Types of Vehicles
Answers to Review Questions

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The Iowa Department of Transportation also provides supplemental study guides in the following languages:

Albanian Korean Spanish
Bosnian Russian Vietnamese

Driver Services Forms 

Those forms which must be verified and affirmed must be completed in front of a Notary Public or Driver Service personnel.

Form / Instructions Description
Iowa DOT Forms Forms available from the Iowa DOT.
Parents’ Written Consent to Issue Identification or Affidavit to Obtain Duplicate This form is used when a person under the age of 18 applies for an ID.
Parents’ Consent to Issue Privilege To Drive This form is used when a person under the age of 18 applies for a driving privilege.
Affidavit for School License Page 1 School License Guidelines. This form is used when applying for a school license.

Commercial Driver License Manuals

CDL In a Nutshell

Complete CDL Manual

Cover & Table of Contents
Part 1
2. Driving Safely
3. Transporting Cargo Safely
Part 2
Transporting Passengers
5. Air Brakes
6. Combination Vehicles
7. Doubles & Triples
8. Tank Vehicles
9. Hazardous Materials
Part 3
Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Test
11. Basic Vehicle Control Skills
12. On-Road Driving Test

Motorcycle Operator’s Manual

Motorcycle Operator’s Manual