Property Tax Information

Property taxes may be paid in semi-annual installments due September and March. The Amount Payable Online represents all taxes that are payable online for each parcel listed in either the first (September) or second (March) payment period. Full or partial payments of current and delinquent taxes will be accepted at any time. 

Does your mortgage company pay your property tax? Please contact your mortgage company if you are unsure who is responsible for paying the tax. 
Late Fees

Payments initiated on the last day of each month must be completed before midnight. For those transactions that are initiated but not completed before midnight and where delinquent fees may now apply, the shopping cart will automatically be cleared and new transactions must be started. This will only apply for those transactions that already have late fees or that may now be delinquent because of the calendar change. 
Service Delivery Fee

We are pleased to offer the convenience of payment by use of credit cards and e-checks online. As a governmental agency, we are restricted from deducting the costs associated with these forms of payment from your tax amount due. Therefore there will be a non-refundable service delivery fee applied to your total to help cover these costs. You will have the opportunity to review the total charge and exit the system prior to completing the transaction. Payments made during the annual tax sale or any adjourned tax sale may be refunded. However, service delivery fees will not be refunded. 
Payment Methods and Authorization

We currently provide two convenient methods for making your tax payments: Electronic Check and Credit Cards.
  • Electronic Check provides quick and easy electronic transfer of funds from your checking account. You will need the tax receipt number from your tax statement for authentication purposes. If you are paying for more than one parcel, only one receipt number needs to be used for the transaction. If you have lost or misplaced your tax statement, contact your county treasurer. Electronic Check payments returned indicating insufficient funds in the account may result in the maximum charge allowed by law by your county treasurer. Refer to your county treasurer's home page for specific information.
      By checking the "I accept the Terms and Conditions" checkbox below I authorize my bank to debit my specified account for the amount of my payment and for the convenience fee. This is a one-time payment which will occur on the next business day or as soon as practical thereafter.If my payment cannot be completed for any reason, including insufficient funds or error in the information which I submitted, I will retain the same liability, which is my sole responsibility, for payment as though I had not attempted to make the payment. I also understand that additional fees and penalties may be collected to the extent of applicable law.
  • Credit Cards are another payment option we offer. We can accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards. For details on use of credit cards and associated fees, click here.